Principal Investigator

David Weinberg
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2013)
Sandler Faculty Fellow
UCSF Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Office: Genentech Hall S572F
Phone: (415) 514-9723
Email: David.Weinberg [at]


Postdoctoral Fellows

Ankit Agrawal
PhD, University of Georgia (2014)
Postdoctoral Scholar

I am fascinated with most everything in nature, especially with the 'out of the ordinary'. Along those lines, I am interested in dissecting the mechanism behind the unusual Repeat-Associated Non-AUG (RAN) translation, and its implications on our understanding of neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS. In my free time I love catching up on world affairs, hiking, and exploring different beers and cuisines of the world.


Rachael Di Santo
PhD, University of Dundee (2013)
Postdoctoral Scholar

I am interested in characterizing mechanisms of translational repression using the yeast HAC1 mRNA as a model system. My research seeks to understand how the HAC1 mRNA is maintained in a translationally repressed state while evading the no-go decay pathway. I am originally from Scotland, and outside of science I enjoy watching movies, eating good food, and trying new beers (sometimes all at once!).


Gabriel Therizols
PhD, University of Lyon (2014)
Postdoctoral Scholar

My interest is to identify novel proteins and pathways involved in post-transcriptional gene regulation. I'm taking a candidate-based approach in mammalian cell lines and using a combination of molecular biology and high-throughput-sequencing approaches. As a native Frenchman I like good food, coffee, wine, and beer...and now that I live in California I'm hoping to learn to surf soon!


Ankita Arora
PhD, Heidelberg University (2015)
Postdoctoral Scholar

I joined the lab in May 2016!



Albertas Navickas
PhD, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (2016)
Postdoctoral Scholar

I joined the lab in May 2016!



Graduate Students

Bettie Osuna
BS, UCLA (2012)
PhD Student, UCSF Tetrad Graduate Program (joint with Adam Frost)

I am interested in cotranslational mRNA surveillance. My research aims to elucidate the mechanisms by which stalls in translation elongation are sensed by cellular factors and trigger mRNA decay. I grew up in Los Angeles, and when I'm not in lab I enjoy working out, discovering great little coffee shops, listening to live music, trying lots of different wines, and sampling all the tasty food San Francisco has to offer.



Subheksha KC
BA, UC Berkeley (2015)
Junior Specialist

I joined the lab in September 2016!




Hipster Bird
Morale Booster






Joseph Replogle
MD/PhD Rotation Student (Summer 2016)
Currently: Medical Student, UCSF

Soufiane Aboulhouda
Technician (2013-2016)
Currently: Graduate Student, Harvard BBS PhD Program

Conor Howard
Tetrad Rotation Student (Spring 2016)
Currently: Graduate Student, Adam Frost lab (UCSF)

Michael Swift
Summer SRTP Student (2015)
Currently: Undergraduate, Claremont McKenna College